Yay! It’s started! After being called to do a blog, and then a long period in between, I am writing! My goal in sharing is to help empower women, and expectant moms and their families to live to their optimal potential, starting with pregnancy and birth.

We are excited to be celebrating pregnancy, with our 4th. And the countdown has started with about 6-8 weeks to go before our newest little one arrives. I share the 2 week leeway, as our 3rd came about 2 weeks later than we estimated, and our 1st and 2nd arrived on or a day off from the date that I had in my mind. So we are ready for any timing. The way I’m carrying so low, I am wondering if this little one may come sooner.

So far we’ve been blessed with another beautiful pregnancy. A little more nausea this time in the first trimester, an awesome second trimester, and now we’re in the continuously growing and tightening in the belly stage, with frequent practice waves (contractions).

We again envision a home birth, with a watertub available should we feel the desire to go through waves or birth in the water. This time one of our midwives lives right in town, which is nice, as we’ve been blessed with fast births for our second and third, and our second was unassisted with Gus catching Max. Again, to birth at home is what we envision and pray for, but we’re ready for whatever is in plan for us.

Many blessings,

Dr Jacqueline

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