5 Steps Towards Higher Health for Women


1. Trust in your innate intelligence. Your innate intelligence is your body’s inborn inner wisdom. Trust in this through every stage of your life…birth, childhood, adolescence, as a young woman, as a seasoned woman. Learn to let go, have faith and trust.

2. When health decisions present themselves, stay well informed. Empower yourself with knowledge that is time tested and follows Mother Nature. Use the knowledge to make well informed decisions for you and your family’s health.

3. Surround yourself with a healthy support network of women. Your mother, grandmother, daughter, friend, neighbour, midwife, doula, cousin, aunt, partner, colleague, spiritual leader, and other women who inspire, love and support you.

4. Get adjusted. Remove the interference that minimizes the power that made your body. Regularly see your chiropractor to correct and remove subluxations that are preventing you from experiencing optimal health.

5. Maintain balance. In this fast world of convenience, technology and information, step back regularly and gain perspective. Make vision time. Keep your priorities in order. Make time for yourself, and the things you love to do.