Our 4th Birth

Our little one is now 9 weeks old, and we were blessed with another incredible, empowering birth at home.

Reflecting back, I need to share that there was no pain during this birth journey. The closest I got to pain was in the last few waves before our little daughter was born, when I was pushing. And…upon reflection I believe it’s because during those waves I allowed myself to get a little off focus…and allowed a little bit of fear to creep in…instead of surrendering to and embracing the process/dance as fully as I had prior to pushing. Maybe it was because I got excited that the end was near. Maybe it was the midwife’s interjection bringing me to a lower state of consciousness. Maybe I had fears of pushing because of the intensity and searing force that our 3rd child came out with…

I don’t know…but I do know now…without a doubt…that we as birthing moms have a very great amazing part to play in birth, if we’re in the know enough to take on. And this includes…when we birth (I believe I was able to hold off the beginning of this birth journey until our oldest daughter arrived), and how smoothly we birth (and I feel I need to preface this as being available in the 90 percent or whatever it is of cases which aren’t emergency situations that require intervention), when we surrender to the process.

Thank you God for helping me experience this, see this, know this and have faith in this…and please help guide me in sharing it with others.