The Challenge of Infertility: Can Chiropractic Help?

Within the last week, I was reminded of the challenge of women and couples who are struggling to get pregnant. I understood this was my cue to share my story, and my challenge with infertility.

When I was 21 I stopped ovulating. My menses slowly stopped occurring. I underwent a barrage of tests, and was given the diagnosis ‘anovulatory.’ I was infertile. I understood that I would not be able to get pregnant, and have children later in life.

Over a 6 year period, I made many health and lifestyle changes, including changing my nutrition, my exercise, my sleep, and my response to stress. But, my menses did not come back.

During this time, I was studying to become a chiropractor. I did not fully understand what chiropractic was and what it could do.

Upon graduating, I started getting adjusted by a principled chiropractor, regularly. I had the parts of my spine that were subluxated, corrected. And 10 months into my chiropractic care, my menses restarted.

What is the connection? How did chiropractic help?

The vertebral subluxations that were found had been interfering with the normal function of my nervous system. This in turn disrupted the normal function of my reproductive system. Once the subluxations were corrected, my nervous system was able to function more optimally, better regulating the reproductive cycle in my body once again.

I stumbled upon this gift in my life. But, if you or someone you know is struggling to conceive, I recommend that they schedule a chiropractic checkup with a family chiropractor, to check for subluxations that may be preventing reproductive health.

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